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Mr Shiney Children's Entertainer and Children's magician

Covering Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Lincoln, Scunthorpes, Hull, Lincolnshire, Doncaster, louth

For a Strees free party for you and a magical memory for them call Mr Shiney

Mr Shiney has been a Childrens entertainer for 10 years, doing parties in linconshire and humberside.

Mr Shiny is a party entertainer and does parties in Grimsby, parties in lincoln, birthday parties in lincolnshire.

He goes to schools to do shows and nurseries.

He makes balloon animals and performs magic tricks.

mrshiny or mrshiney works as well.

he also an entertainer in hull and children Entertainment in Doncaster he is not a clown.

so for your birthday childrens Entertainer pick Mr Shiny. Alot of People call him Mr Smiley or Mr Sunshine.

but that ok, you can use Mr Smiley grimsby or Mr Sunshine Grimsby,

so if you want a Party Entertainment in Grimsby, Louth, Brigg, Hull, or Lincolnshire Call him to book your parties or party entertainment

remember he is not a clown he is a children's entertainers louth

He does a magic show lincoln and a magic show hull

mrshiney or mrshiny for party show in schools nurseries.

He also Entertains as Mr Shiny in Skegness and is a childres entertainer Hull, parties in lincoln,

healing, brigg, market rasen, Skegness, Louth, Gainsborough, scunthorpe. he's also called a Childrens Magicain.

Mr Sunshine or Mr smiley is also a partie entertainer in hull and lincoln.

He does a 45 minute show and a 1 hour show the 2 hour show is the works so book the children's enetertaner's lincolnshire or magic show lincolnshire

Children's magician hull, Children's magicians Lincoln, kids entertainer

Childrens magician parties

When it comes to setting your childs party, there are a number of things you should put into consideration before booking an entertainer. Just like any other type of business, there is variation of the party quality from one entertainer to the next entertainer. Some of the party entertainer business are wonderful, some are great and there are some that are incapable of delivering the standards that you would expect. The question is; how do you know which party entertainer does great childrens entertainment parties? Well the proof is in the pudding what do I mean with this? Any childrens entertainer who is worth his salt is definitely not the cheapest in the market. There are those that will charge you rather cheaply for a magic show for an hour or two, as much as the price might sound great, you should always gauge why the costs are relatively low. Has anyone recommended them? If you have found an entertainer not through personal recommendation, you should always ask the Party entertainer whether they have references or testimonials from other parents, schools as well as nurseries that have sought his services before. Be cautious of testimonials and clown websites especially the ones that appear as if they have been written by the sites owner. Look for independent review sites that have been updated by people that enjoyed the services of a certain clown.

How is Their Availability Like? A busy Childrens Magician will most times have a few slots every other weekend to coincide with traditional eating times. He can perform a magic show during a lunch party that may begin between 11am and 1 pm. The magic show can be slotted during the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30pm (tea party). But if you find a party entertainer who is available many times during 1pm to 3pm, this is a sign that the party entertainer is not actually busy.

How Can I get A Great Childrens Entertainer Cheaply in Hull and Lincoln? The grandest thing about childrens entertainment is the fact that children will be able to have a lot of fun everywhere and at any given time, this is an achievement attributed to a great magic show, so childrens magician need to be good at his trade! How Does This Benefit The Parent? If your childs birthday falls on a weekday, then why should you have to wait till the weekend to host the birthday party? When and if you book a party on a Tuesday afternoon or early evening, it is likely that you will profit from a discounted price from the party entertainer and if not a discount perhaps a few freebies will be thrown your way. Since you will not be booking the party during peak days, you shall be left with extra choices for times. It gets even better, rent halls in Hull and Lincoln are usually cheaper during weekdays and their availability during these days can be more flexible.

Conclusion When you are looking to book a party, the norm is to start with booking the hall first, followed by booking the entertainer next. But please note that the hall has zero bearing whatsoever on the success of the party. You need to fully focus on getting a funny childrens magician if you want the party to be successful. Booking a hall with set hours will also limit you greatly when it comes to finding great entertainment. My advice to you would be to book the best party entertainer before you proceed and book the hall. If you want to save on costs then host the party at your home, this move affords you time flexibility which is very hard to come by.

Many Benefits of Hiring Children's Entertainer's Lincolnshire


If you have ever thought of organising a party for your children, you may very well be aware of how challenging this whole proposition is. A bunch of eager and over active young children can be chaotic and a management nightmare for the parents. The best way to ensure a smooth party experience for the kids is to provide a focus to the party. Children's Entertainer's Lincolnshire services are extremely popular at most of the celebrations involving kids because they are adored by the kids and parents alike.


Children's Entertainer's Lincolnshire services employ experienced and trained professionals who have many skills tucked in their pockets, to ensure that they manage to enthral even the most critical of audiences. They use a combination of jokes, games, magic routines etc. to keep the children exited and loving them.


A children entertainer is no longer restricted to only birthday parties. Famous and efficient Children's magicians have evolved to make their magic routines not just entertaining but also informative and educative. Therefore, their client list now includes libraries, churches, schools, youth organisations and charities as well.


Nowadays, even schools hire Children's magicians to imbibe the values of self-esteem, respect and individuality through a fun magic show. The amazing part is that they can also make boring things like studying and reading books sound exciting and amazingly interesting. Churches have been using magicians in summer camps, Vacation Bible School programs, and children's events for some time now.


Wondering why Children's magicians and Children's Entertainer's Lincolnshire are so successful and popular? It is because children absorb much more information if they are enjoying the process of acquiring that information. Magic provides the right package of thrill, excitement, mystery and education.


Not to mention, hiring Children's magicians allow parents to relax a little in the middle of the tiring task of managing the party. Additionally, if all the kids are gathered at one place, it is easier to keep an eye on all of them without having to sprint from one place to another. An additional benefit is that the kids are way too focused on the magician that they tend not to throw tantrums or fight among themselves. This is clearly the most effective way to organise Children's Parties Lincolnshire.


Hiring Children's Entertainer's Lincolnshire is a perfect solution for parents who are tired of having to tackle the management, organising and entertaining one of the most difficult crowds in the world; their children. However, you must make sure that you choose the right one because we all know how a grumpy audience can be difficult to manage and if this grumpy audience is made up of kids then you are in for some serious tantrums, name-calling and angry fits. However, if you succeed in finding the right Children's magician, you are all set to have an enjoyable time while your children will stare awestruck at magic routines. childrens entertainer doncaster

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